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spectral allusions

Each of these pieces is part of an artistic series, dedicated to our shared reality, and all the caveats that lie within it. It is a series of visual, experiential, kinesthetic love letters to those who have survived brain traumas, and those who have loved those who have survived such, sometimes transcendent, and always profound, life-altering events. 

*mr auxilio — spectral allusions 1

meet mr. auxilio. he has a vague idea of why he came here, and he’s sure that he’s here to help. could you first please show him where the bathroom is, please?

heidi — spectral allusions 3

meet heidi. she’d prefer to talk to you herself.

*pavlova — spectral allusions, 4*

that smell is probably what pavlova is baking. she loves making treats, and sewing party dresses and pageant costumes for her loved ones. would you like another cookie? and, dear, you have chocolate on your face. it’s alright, here’s a cloth. 

*nora — spectral allusions, 7*

you know why she’s here.


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